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Plans for you to build your own Big Woody Teardrop Camper

For those of you who do have the time, basic woodworking skills, and a garage or shop in which to build your very own teardrop camper, you’ll find that our Teardrop Plans are the most comprehensive available. There are a lot of plans for sale on the internet. Just look around. You will find reproduced sketches and blueprints of some of the originals, other modern designs, and a few step-by-step instruction manuals. For the most part, you will receive 9-35 pages of sometimes “suspect” information from someone who has never built a camper or if they have, maybe they have built one or two. And when you receive your plans from those sellers, you are on your own. Sink or swim. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to SEE what your teardrop might look like when finished? Check out the others and you will find that “maybe” they have a picture or two. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our photos on this web site and in our photo gallery. With our plans you can build any of these, and you can also modify any feature to suit your needs. Our business is building custom Teardrop Campers. Most of the others are in the business of selling plans--not just teardrops, but a myriad of other stuff. We know that for every custom teardrop that we build, hundreds of people are building their own. Our mission is to help, either by building a customer’s camper, or by helping them build their own. Over the years we’ve learned the “tricks of the trade” simply by building more and more campers. We share that information with you. Our manual is over 150 pages of extensive plans and over 200 drawings and pictures. We didn’t add “fluff” to our plans just to fill pages, but we have included EVERYTHING you need to know in a precise manner. When you use our plans, you are not alone. We offer FREE technical support along the way via email or telephone. You will have all of our email addresses, shop phone number, home phone number and cell phone numbers. Should you hit a snag along the way, it’s not just YOUR snag, but OUR snag. We’ll walk you through any process and if we have to, we will send you even more drawings or pictures to further clarify any questions that might arise. Start to finish, you will have our full attention. For proof of our services, read this testimonial. If a 15 year old can do it, so can you! Our plans come with a template to cut your camper side walls and cabin doors. No math is involved! Also included are templates for single or double sinks in your galley!


Our plans come in different format options for your convenience!

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